Praying Depression Away Doesn’t Always Work

The first time I realized my mental state of mind was anything but “normal,” I was in eighth grade. Growing up, I battled with a nagging voice inside my head that insisted I was fat, not good enough, unlikable compared to others, and being bullied was my fault. I didn’t understand why I felt sad and hopeless all the time or knew how to talk about what I was feeling. So, I wrote down my deepest and most vulnerable thoughts in a journal.

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I’ve Given All My Love Away, Now I Need It Back

The first time I experienced losing someone I was eight-years-old. My spiritual Godmother, who attended the church I grew up in and prayed for me as if I were one of her own, passed away of complications from having diabetes. When I found out that she had passed, I didn’t understand the concept of death. How could someone close to me be here one day and “gone” the next? I was confused and heartbroken that I’d never get to see her again without a true understanding as to why.  

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Just Because I’m Alone, Doesn’t Mean I’m Lonely

Every year around Valentine’s Day I go through mood swings. If I’m being honest, I’ve never enjoyed the day. As soon as I see red plush teddy bears, heart-shaped boxes with chocolate inside, and those nasty ass sweethearts candy, I cringe. The images and lovey dovey movies that are released and played on a loop on television during this time of the year are constant reminders that I’m single. 

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It’s Been a Long Time Coming: #The411 on My Novel

Welcome to my first blog on my official website and the start of #The411 series! 

If you’ve stumbled upon this page randomly or don’t know why you’ve been directed here, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Dominique S. Johnson (yes, the “S” has to be included. I love my middle name). I’m a writer if you haven’t noticed already. My primary genre of writing is new media journalism but I also love creative non-fiction.

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